2016 Storytelling Dates for Schools

To be honest any day is a good day to have a good storyteller in school, there is a story to suit every transition and topic and a storytelling workshop is always a great way to engage learners in every aspect of life. But sometimes it helps to have a date or an event to tie it into. These are just there as a handy guide, have fun with planning and do get in touch if I can help or advise in any way.

Amanda Edmiston, freelance writer and storyteller.


tel 01786 842831

mob 07884107466

*International Literacy Day – September 8th, 2016. Was set up by UNESCO in 1965 to enable increased accessibility to education in developing nations and your school can sign up to help disadvantaged Ugandan schools access digital learning resources: https://worldliteracyfoundation.org/ild/ This is an ideal time to engage a storyteller to raise your own pupils attainment in literacy and engagement with world stories, it could be a great place to start exploring how different schools in the world and how they engage with stories and literacy.

*Roald Dahl Day is on 13th September 2016 and this is his centenary year… a great time for imaginative workshops for Amanda Edmiston’s most recent Dahl themed delight with Doune primary see: https://dounedahl100.wordpress.com/ there are still a few time slots available that week for schools hoping to engage a storyteller/creative practitioner for this years celebrations.

*National Tell a Story Day is observed in Scotland an U.K. on October 27, 2016. It celebrates story-telling of all kinds.

*Scottish International Storytelling Festival Fri 21st – Mon 31st October 2016 join in with a storyteller in your school .

*From 1st September to 30th November people across the country will be hosting #DareToDream events as part of the Storytelling Festival 2016, for more info see: http://www.tracscotland.org/festivals/storytelling-festival/dare-to-dream-campaign-2016

*Children’s Book Week UK 2016 will run from 31 October to 6 November 2016

*Book Week Scotland 2016 is taking place from Monday 21 – Sunday 27 November 2016

*National Storytelling Week is Jan 30th – Feb 6th 2017

*World Book Day is 2nd March 2017

*World Storytelling Day is March 20th 2017, but you may schedule an event on a nearby date. This years theme is transformation. Maybe that could tie in with Scottish stories of Selkies, or transforming from nursery child to P1. or primary to high school pupil, from vegetable in a garden to dinner…the limits are our imagination!

*International Children’s Book Day takes place on April 2nd 2017. International Children’s Book Day is a yearly event sponsored by the International Board on Books for Young People, an international non-profit organization. Founded in 1967, the day is observed on or around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, April 2. So an ideal day to share one of his stories and explore the themes of classic fairy tales or tell stories from around the world.



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