Hold Me Dear

This is the gate into my Glasgow…the one that drew me in…a gothic doorway into a cherished plant filled space. Now as we planned to leave, my daughter and I decided to create a photographic record of the stories we discovered whilst we were here, the hidden spaces in this dear green place.
A beautiful project caught my eye ‘Hold Me Dear’ an online photographic gallery of places people hold dear accompanied by a few words of the emotions and thoughts they linked to the place founded and curated by Jenny Humberstone.  Jenny is Curatorial Director at HERE + NOW, a small not-for-profit design practice in Edinburgh, which uses innovative participatory approaches to design to engage people in place.
Inspired by her profession as a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, Jenny has a keen interest in how people use and experience spaces. She has created a beautiful online glimpse into peoples personal response and emotional connection to the places they love.
The project really resonated with me…my story telling is often designed or unintentionally becomes a thing that helps me and the groups I work with to explain or relate to our environment, or environments we have loved and remembered…or have yet to discover, environments we are drawn to by a inexplicable pull as if called to across a storm.
I wanted to join in with Hold me Dear.
I then realised this could be an opportunity for my daughter to engage with and help her to process the experience of moving from the city she was born in… even in a small way taking pictures can sometimes help us see things from a different angle as an onlooker…and writing stories about her memories of the pictures is not least a reminiscence, a reminder interesting stuff happens and there would be new places to explore.
Spirals and circles became a secondary theme, strangely significant as I was leaving the Battlefield story spiral I had created …the circular patterns of the glass ceiling of the Kibble palace in Glasgow’s botanic gardens the place that made me want to move to Glasgow in the first place became the first picture…the one that led me to study herbs, the ceiling at the Glasgow film theatre all UFO pattern of lights, became the last, as we left The Dear Green place  with the lovely man I met a little while back and our new baby…as he will now be studying film in another beautiful inspirational place.
There were more circles…Tim Stead’s tactile hidey hole  and the ceiling in GOMA that didn’t make the final edit… I could have made the collection a hundred stories long…but I had to move
I love new places…I love moving…it had been a long time…there were tears, but also excitement…I lived in Glasgow for as long as I have lived anywhere and the best things in my life have all taken place there…but now I’ve grown enough that I can create new paths, new stories….return to tell tales, and leave to find new dreams, new places are calling me from through the snow flecked woods…  
Hold me Dear is a chance for everyone to share their stories and thoughts…its always great when new things are added…so take a look and add your own places and stories.
Our little collection of places and tales can be found here: http://www.holdmedear.co.uk/#!dear-green-place/c8he 

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