Eclipses? Equinoxes? Birthday Animals???

So we’ve had an eclipse and a gorgeous spring equinox and I have tales of ravenous wolves, rosemary, juniper, museums, radio shows and wars to share…but do you know my maternity leave ends next week…so I’m going to indulge myself and tell you a family anecdote, sometimes the best type of story to share…the sort children grow memories out of, ( like the time my dad saw a double decker bus drive under a low bridge and lose it’s upper deck, or the time my Aunty was, as a small child lost for hours due to being trapped in the ‘bed tuck’ of the blankets), they’re the sort of stories I get groups sharing, even the groups who tell me they ‘don’t know any stories’ can tell gems about unpleasant habits of family members or the time there little brother got a walnut wedged up his nose (yes…really, a walnut….I KNOW!!!).
So yes this week I’m sharing a family anecdote…you see as well as being an eclipse and the equinox and all that, it was also my birthday…
Traditionally I like to go the zoo or a wildlife park or some such with one or more members of my family for my birthday, this started when I was very small, as a response I suspect to my discomposure at not actually receiving the elephant I had requested as a gift, this year was no different…several decades have passed and I have still not received the promised pink pachyderm (a real one that is not some unnecessary fluffy likeness or drunken hallucination).
 So off we went on a golden sun kissed Spring equinox afternoon, to the safari park, my mother, my daughter, the baby and me…
I found myself meditating on Rhino…
The mother and her calf suckling frantically, as I held the now fulsome baby to watch and she waved her pudgy arms in glee…
I pondered things…
What was it I related to…
Her serene maternity?
Her species incredible evolution, so successfully incorporating such beautifully designed,clever, armour plating…?
Maybe it was her innate ability to mesmerise a watchful crowd?
No…of course it wasn’t …it was her chubby bum and her huge guzzling infant!
So we’ve had a solar eclipse,the start of Spring and I’m a year older.

But mainly what I want to know is do baby rhino’s wake up at 4am and demand vast amounts of milk and if so how do their chubby bottomed mothers cope?        
Then something really sweet happened…
I wrote this piece for the first my sketchbook (my older daughter and I are creating a sketchbook for ‘The Sketchbook Project ) and I read it out to my older daughter…
And the next day I got this, carefully painted perfect pink pachyderm…. 
Wonder what we’ll do for my birthday next year!                                            

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