Rolled from the snow of spring, Snow Girl and Natures icy decorations

photo 5
Snow Girls and Nature adorns…icy embellishments

We had a day or two of embracing the freeze, the older child got a beautiful book of Russian folktales for her Christmas from her beautiful storytelling Granny …and we revisited one of our snow story favourites: Snow Girl…there are several versions out there…inevitably in many, dare I say it …sssshhhhhh…shhhheeee melts…of course, but seeing as one of mine is born on the Winter equinox under a blue moon, and was utterly unexpected but much longed for and came at a very high price…I don’t like to court disaster, I like my Snow Girl story to be rolled from the Snow of Spring and be browned in the Summer sun…so this is one of my favourite versions of the traditional Russian tale: .

I shall be twisting it with some plant use, come the Spring, enlivening it with bilberries, anthocyanosides strengthening her capillaries turning snow cold arteries to blood rich reservoirs, collagens thickening, vitamin C reviving, life building…story surviving snow girl, bringing untold happiness to the mother who longed for her.

We took the last of the Christmas balloons outside…well man and older child did…there was grumping about water in the hallway, there was despair when the met office promised a freeze that didn’t manifest, but ultimately we made ice globes …they grew like arctic mushrooms across the frozen garden…soon…next year…one day, I



promised I’ll remember to buy balloons and food colouring and we’ll make coloured ice balls…. lots of them…

We took our lovely house guest the soft hearted Inky dog out in search of ice trimmings…
And found all kinds of wonders…even the ducks

photo 2had contributed a snow flecked footprint garnished confection of flooring, pond adjacent, a myriad of interlinking triangles.

Each tree was bejewelled with ice tinged droplets.

photo 4

Slices of pattern woven, ice shattered, puddle shards, inscribed with letters in snow land ice script. Hidden stories in forgotten languages.

Snow promising Spring

Just waiting

To emerge snowball flowered

too early at first

Flourishing amidst the frost

Rolled from the snow of Spring
the trees icy embellishments cushioned the loss of the festive Pine…

And out walking and photographing dancing droplets and duck mosaiced footpaths I realised how signifiant the berries in the Snow Girl are …and another Folktale became botanically graced!

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