British Award for Storytelling Excellence

barely stop myself twinkling at random people, friends who have claimed for years that I’m not really that fond of hugs have been stunned by my sudden love of cuddling them for the slightest reason, I’ve been remembering to tell people how much I appreciate them and generally been rather sweet recently, even if I do say so myself! 
Whats been going on…. too much maca root and chilli powder in my tea again? (well, yes, admittedly…). But more than anything else its been that the move to be closer to my friends in a house with a garden, with delightful neighbours has shown me more than ever what really lovely, kind, interesting, intelligent people I’m surrounded by these days, the house itself soothes and comforts me…even the raindrops tell stories (but thats the beginning of my next blog….)….and since I’ve moved some really wonderful things have happened, it started with the housewarming party, the talented and hilarious Bronwen Livingstone was a proper diamond and offered to make a professional recording of me telling the new story I’d written for The Mermaid of the Clyde, the piece I wrote in many ways as a final page on the last flat….sat as it was at the last place the tide reached on the mouth of the Kelvin where it kissed the Clyde, I hope its enjoyed….please listen, and pass this post around if you know folks who’d like it: 
The Mermaid of the Clyde
© Amanda Edmiston production Bronwen Livingstone 2012
So yes there is at least one other very lovely thing happening, and yes its another reason I’d like you to share this blog post as much as you can, and yep I’d be totally overwhelmed and ecstatic if people supported me and voted for me….but as much as anything I’d like more and more people to understand, enjoy and appreciate really good professional storytelling, to see that it opens up education to people who find it dry, that it can draw people in, help people relate to one another, soothe, enrapture, enchant and encourage, it can enlighten, release emotions and make people happy, it brings things to life and can calm and comfort, allow memories to be shared, bad times to be encapsulated and contextualised, and new worlds to open up…..anyway cut to the chase Mandy, you know I’m after a favour by now eh? 
entirely gratuitous lucky heather photo ; )Right I’ve been shortlisted for the award for ‘Most Outstanding Newcomer’ (link right there…on the blue bit…yep that one ; )….) at the British Award for Storytelling Excellence, organised by (the rather excellent themselves)  ‘Phrase Arts’ and great storytellers Shonaleigh and Peter Chand, I’m also rather excited because the award ceremonies in York, where I spent a lot of my childhood, and one of my favourite places, and it means me and the child get to put on fancy outfits and have lunch in Stonegate and fat rascals from ‘Bettys’ in the museum gardens and other such general lovelieness….and maybe just maybe….if you like what I do, and see the magic in the herb stories, and power of the plant tales, the wisdom in  the vine , and the kelp fronds in the wave, then you might, just might go to the BASE website: and vote , vote for good storytellers, and PULEEEAAAASE vote for me!!! 
I’m also rather hoping that the amazing Mary Medlicott who I nominated for a lifetime achievement award is shortlisted, I’m sure she will be, along with my Mum she’s someone who truly inspired me….so look out for Mary there too, you’ll love her stuff….
One last thought….the child has a theory….rather a good one, I may be adopting it, and its this: that hugs are like a culture ( ‘like in yoghurt with bacteria and that sort of thing mummy’  as oppose to the insert in the Sunday paper variety), the more you get the more they develop and grow, and the more you have to give out, which is rather sweet, now this kind of sentiment usually has me running for cover and hiding under the Sunday papers but the child is five and not a tedious facebook shared hyper sentimental cliche….
                                 I may be adopting her uncynical approach, but promise will never turn it into a fb viral!
….we’ll see what Autumn brings as the annual fall approaches, and I take a shine to the dark.

Oh and one other very VERY important thing….THANK YOU, thank you very very much for your support and nominations, and your maybe votes xxx
heehee…thanks , Oh and ignore the bit about grannys …pah!….ditsy yes… ok  on occasion…..granny…..ahm no, child is only half way to double digits, am woman in my prime  …thanks,
that is all xxxx
P>S> the file for the MP3 of the mermaid of the clyde doesnt seem to want to load on wordpress today, anyone wanting to listen to it, will find it on the blog on my website

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