Art, Plants and Storytelling

– a workshop that explores the creative process and the role plants play in everyones lives.

– a chance for participants to create their own piece: illustrating a story or personal experience.

with Amanda Edmiston professional storyteller


and Caroline Gausden community arts practitioner and  illustrator

11am til 4pm Saturday 9th June 2012

REPOSITIONED Gallery, 1203 Argyle street G3 8TQ


This workshop will enable participants to take a familiar object, or an item borrowed from nature and transform it, or use it as inspiration to create a visual link to a personal experience, recipe, or story that resonates with them.

This process allows for a memory to be treasured and its value articulated, or for a past experience to be ‘reframed’ and a new story told, it allows participants to explore their links to plants in folklore, fiction, poetry and stories through art.

Maybe your favorite fairy story from childhood or a poem you’ve written featured a red rose, a ginger bread house or a tall sunflower, maybe you picked Pinks in your Grannies garden, and you want to capture the joy it brought and the tale it told, memories like this can build a fantastic bond between parent and child, so feel free to bring your child and create something together.

For people wishing to book this workshop in conjunction with the herbal storywalk taking place at 11am on Saturday the 2nd June (meeting at the Kibble palace in Glasgow’s Botanics) there will be an opportunity to collect plant samples to use on the 9th, for further details see events at www.botanicafabula.co.uk

Please bring along an item or items to inspire or collage with and a story, recipe etc of your choice that you wish to use to start your creative process, it would be great if you came willing to share the story and relate how it links to your item.

Photographs (with your permission) of the things you create will form a piece for a future exhibition.

A selection of materials will be provided, there is also the option for a reasonably priced group lunch at The 78, please enquire in advance direct to Amanda @ botanicafabula.

Costs £35 for workshop alone, Herbal storywalk £10. Discounted rate for both booked together: £40

Herbal Storywalk bookings www.botanicafabula.co.uk email : info@botanicafabula.co.uk

‘Growing Stories’ bookings as above or Re:positioned Gallery: www.repositioned.co.uk Image

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