A says a….B and C say lets recycle the business cards

            A SAYS a
Went up to Luss again last week, the beach on the edge of Loch Lomond is a joy, the trees one side and the ice cold, clear water of the Loch on the other; draped in mist and 3 degrees below the temperature in Glasgow, the promised boat trip wasn’t going to happen…. Instead a story unfolded……after being up ‘til one the night before my mind was still wandering over the creation of tales of Celtic Runic Tree Alphabets. This time my collaborative partner was not quite 5, with a head full of school taught phonics, there was only one solution to our exhausted disappointed miasma……a bit of a tree alphabet of our own. A lot of laughter  and some foraging and we got some writing done at last between us!
 B and C say ….lets recycle the business cards
I got woken up this morning with the enthusiastic statement ‘Good morning I’m a storyteller and these are my storytelling cards’, I got handed a selection of my old out of date business cards…..
They’re one of those things I keep for a while, they’ve always looked like they have some kind of potential. Waiting for one of those days when I have an idea and time simultaneously, they’ve been there a while!
The apprentice was off, a marketing inspiration, those that describe me as persistent have seen nothing, within minutes every toy in the house knew she was a storyteller and had her number. She was delivering a lengthy epic, by way of an audition to a rapt looking hippo, when I insisted on breakfast.. We needed a contained plan; a beginning, middle and end, a game we could both play without me itching to tidy the scattered cards, something that could be completed and allow us to leave the house at some point around lunchtime! Of course the answer was obvious, they were indeed storytelling cards, we gathered them up, (the toys knew where to get hold of her now, they have good memories.), with a glossy enticing new packet of pens, we started: simple images, simple words, weather, places, plants and animals seem to be our first responses, we sat drawing on the back of each one.
The game started, you turn the cards over, so the pictures are hidden,and shuffle, each of us took turns in picking one out, the object is self explanatory I’m sure: you freestyle it, you’ve got to tell a short piece of the story and contain the subject on your card, then the next person picks up a card and carries on the story with the next picture, it was great, the apprentice is somewhat talented, Granny arrived, the game continued….we had finally found a game that not only allows some drawing, contains stories, up cycles some clutter, and despite having a format and focus is not frustratingly burdened by the low achievement levels prevalent in my family when narrow restrictive rules are imposed…..We are very pleased with our new game, there are at least 100 old cards in that box, think this could become the winter holiday we played storytelling cards….a lot, tomorrow I’ll be getting one of those old cloth bags and filling it with some of those random objects, pebbles, cones, broken tree decorations, buttons,lone jigsaw pieces and the like that i keep for collages and adding a 3D element. Most importantly we can make our own rules and change them whenever we like, this game definitely works for us!

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